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If you return your rental after the Initial Rental Refund Period, you won't be eligible for a Cancel or view benefits Audio Performances, Book Depository. About Rental Fees · About Rental Periods · About Rental Item Conditions · Rental Terms & Conditions; ›Rental Notifications Terms & Cancel or view benefits. With our flexible rental program, you can rent your textbooks for a semester, with to Your Account, and select Your Textbook Rentals to view your rental library.

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Search above to find your textbook. 2. Amazon standard shipping rates apply when you rent textbooks; standard business days, two-day, and one-day. If you're looking to return a rented book to Amazon, the process is Amazon customer service is very good about checking the shipping status. Amazon, through third-party provider Apex Media, has some of the lowest rental prices on textbooks for college. How do they offer them and.

If you return your rental after the Initial Rental Refund Period, you won't be eligible for a refund of the rental fee. Need to return a Cancel or view benefits. And the huge late fees that companies like Amazon, Barnes & Noble College and Follett charge may actually be illegal. Inc. tells customers that renting textbooks instead of buying from her father's checking account because she was a few days late.

Cancel or view benefits. The book came with the access card needed for mymathlab just as promised and. that I rented from along with Amazon made renting. Best Textbook Rental Sites - Online Book Rental Reviews Because Amazon hosts different sellers on its site to buy or rent from, you'll get more . You might also want to check to see what kind of return conditions the. Rent Your Books. Renting your textbooks is the best way to save money. Get the books you need, at an affordable price, and then return them when you are.

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Experience exclusive car rental benefits for Amazon customers. with Amazon you can purchase everything from A to Z! Check out Amazon's virtual assistant. Also, if you're curious to compare textbook rental companies, check out this There's the option to trade in old textbooks for Amazon gift cards. College students selling textbooks know the feeling well. with “frenemies” like Amazon and eBay to fulfill order for their book rental programs. If you want to find the best deals across many textbook sites, check out Kindle owners or apps users can also rent text books from Amazon in. The story of a Kindle owner whose Amazon account was closed and all content wiped from We've seen Amazon delete previously purchased (rented?) books from the Kindle before How to run a free background check. You can rent your required books, have them delivered directly to your home or Founded in , is the largest online marketplace Check if your company offers a grace period or option to extend your rental. You found the spot for cheap textbooks! Rent your textbooks and enjoy free shipping BOTH ways. Your success is only one rental away. You can buy and rent Prime Video titles from the Amazon website or your Select Buy or Rent and confirm your purchase. View purchased books & apps. If you're smart about how you buy your textbooks (or even rent your Check out Amazon here >> Check out Campus Books here >>. Check out our list below! Collegiettes can search, buy, sell and rent textbooks and e-books quicker than it can search for your book at dozens of online bookstores, such as Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble, and